PR for one ruble: what is the essence of the conflict between the ex-manager Ivleeva and the star of “Daddy’s Daughters” Olga Spirkina

Former PR man Anastasia Ivleeva Evgeny Voltov sued his mentor and girlfriend, with whom he worked side by side for 14 years.

Evgeny Voltov
Photo: Evgeny Voltov social networks.

Unfortunately, the friendship between Evgeny Voltov and the founder of the Ostankino Media School, the star of Daddy’s Daughters, actress Olga Spirkina, did not stand the test of … money. At some point, the enterprising manager suggested that Spirkina take 80% of the profits from the work of the institution, after which he heard a strict “no”.

Olga Spirkina told Russian Telenedelya that Voltov adopted all of her author’s teaching methods, in particular, the course “Work in the frame” and went along with this knowledge to competitors – to the television school of Elena Letuchaya. Spirkina posted a post on social networks, where she called such behavior vile. To which Voltov responded with a lawsuit against yesterday’s girlfriend demanding a public apology. As compensation, he indicated the amount – 1 ruble.

Olga Spirkina believes that Voltov is simply raising his own price, earning a name for himself from this whole situation – PR for the ruble has a fairly wide resonance in the media.

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