Poet Larisa Rubalskaya showed how she spends time with her eldest grandson

The poetess, who wrote many popular songs, enjoys a holiday in one of the resorts in Turkey.

Larisa Rubalskaya
Photo: Larisa Rubalskaya social networks.

As you know, the 77-year-old Rubalskaya lived for 33 years with her husband David Rosenblatt, who saw her creative talent. The couple had no children, however, after the death of her husband, Rubalskaya was not left alone. The poetess considers her grandchildren the children who were born by her nieces.

By the way, Larisa Rubalskaya raises them as her own, and also helps them in their studies. Recently, she even showed how she works with her eldest grandson to master the language and write dictations.

But the poetess herself at the moment decided to take a break after long working trips around Russia. On social networks, she posted a picture from the beach, which appeared in a black and blue swimsuit against the backdrop of the endless sea.

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