Pirti and Topka announced that they would not come to the Castle. Their problem, says Ovek

the government has decided to boycott President Milo Zeman in response to the question of the previous hundred awards. Pirti and TOP 09 even announced on social media that none of their descents will arrive at the Castle and that they will leave in a year. But as it turns out, Zeman’s neighborhood doesn’t suffer.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala said he would not boycott the distinguished guest, but he let it be heard that he was not happy with the president’s approach to the invited guest.

Zeman refused to invite Father Senta Milo Vystrilo, whom he complained about how hard he tried to activate link 66 during his hospitalization, and the daughter of the House of Representatives Markta Pekarová Adamová.

A representative of the government, apart from the prime minister, intends to boycott the said ceremony. Pirti and TOP 09 even stated on social media that not a single member of theirs will stand for the previous award.

A fiery discussion broke out under the statuses of both parties, one appreciated the step, the other criticized it.

We were interested in what some of the government parties were preparing for the mass boycott around the president’s castle celebration, the last one under the baton of Milo Zeman. The press spoke to Ji Ovek, but he hinted that Pirt was determined to go to the Castle and that he would not suffer anyone.

There is no need to respond to that. It’s just their problem asked Ovek.

President Milo Zeman will be honored on Friday evening in Vladislavský sle. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi and former Hana Zagorov should be among the awardees.

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