Pirt Zbransk brn kolobky: Cars take up ten times as much space and are not ecological!

The recipe for green (but new and yellow or red) terror can’t even be found for a few years. even discussed the issue with the Prime Minister Zdek Hibwhich I have identified as a big and mainly visible problem.

According to the mayor, it is necessary for Prague to negotiate a new set of powers, to designate a parking space for the scooters, and to have the operators tow away those who park illegally.

That Brno started to drive dl. Nov wants to hand out fines of up to one hundred thousand crowns to companies that operate shared scooters and bikes for parking machines. Prague councilor for housing, Adam Zbranski, does not like such a thing at all.

The operator of shared bicycles and scooters is new in Brno for paying a parking fine and 100,000 K. This makes a lot of sense, given that the operator of a car that takes up a square of the city, for paying a parking fine at most two thousand, minus zero and one hundred , he wrote ironically.

Under his comment, a very interesting discussion took place, in which Zbransk defended the scooters at length and, for example, changed that it was an ecological and spatially efficient method of transport.

If you were up to it, you would introduce it yourself in Prague. I don’t know, why should I trip over this waste on sidewalks, footpaths, bridges, on which I make money for companies to the detriment of the city’s residents, wrote one of the many versions of the Praan.

This is also how the streets of Prague look.

If the companies last longer, it’s because people are using shared bikes and scooters. Which is great, because they are ecological and space-efficient means of transport. Illegal parking should be determined, but not disproportionally and liquidated compared to cars, countered Zbransk.

This is also how the streets of Prague look.

He had people start sending him only photos of various clusters of bicycles parked in such a way that it is impossible to walk on the given sidewalk.

Or you individual machines that stand parked on one street for several days and no one notices them at all.

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