Petr Zakharov: I thought to get into the “Voice” you need connections and money

The unique bass-baritone, the winner of the seventh season of the Voice show on Channel One, told how he got on the project, what he spent his won million on and how his career developed after the victory.

Petr Zakharov and Yulia Natyamba “Russian TV Week”

Petr Zakharov, in an exclusive interview with Russian TV Week, said that he was absolutely sure that it was not so easy to get into a popular TV project. And he decided to try it only because the fans constantly asked him about it. The answer that the artist’s profile was accepted for consideration did not come immediately. Peter recalls that he came to Ostankino for a general audition, where he turned out to be one of 25 thousand participants. At the same time, only 30 seconds were allotted to prove themselves.

“Since I went to this project, let’s say, with prejudices that they would make me a “format artist”, my mood was immediately fighting. I had to put everything I wanted to share with the audience into one song, ”- said Peter Zakharov.

After becoming the winner of a TV show, Peter admits that The Voice gave him scale, wings and self-confidence – something that was missing.

“If before that I was well known in my hometown, St. Petersburg, now people from all over the country recognize me, add me as friends and write to me on social networks,” the artist says.

But not everything is so simple! From our interview you will learn how Pyotr Zakharov became a singer – after all, once he could not sing at all due to a congenital deformity of the larynx. And also – where did the winner spend his winnings in the Voice show, how did his career develop after the victory, and what financial troubles did he get into – look right now.

Petr Zakharov and Yulia Natyamba

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