Petersburger saves her mobilized husband from starvation. “Paper”

Telegram channel “Rotonda” told the story of a Petersburger who lost her first lover during the Chechen war and is now trying to save her conscripted husband from starvation.

Yuri Uzkikh, a 31-year-old trolley bus driver, was mobilized at the end of September and sent to Ukraine in mid-October. The wife of the mobilized man, Yana Uzkikh, told Rotunda that in Ukraine, servicemen were not given food or water.

How Petersburgers got married and how Yuri ended up in the war. Yuri Uzkikh was sure that he was entitled to a “reservation”, but by the time the man received the summons, the employer had not had time to “reserve” the employees, writes Rotunda. Uzkikh went to the draft board out of fear of being prosecuted for evasion.

The wife of the mobilized said that she spent about 50 thousand rubles to gather her husband for the war. Yana Uzkikh also handed over a payment from the state in the amount of 100 thousand rubles to her husband so that he could buy himself a good body armor. Yuri Uzkikh said that bulletproof vests issued to the mobilized were “rubbish”.

Yana and Yuri got married after mobilization. Yuri, along with 43 colleagues, was brought to the registry office under escort, where they were able to play a wedding. On October 16, Yuriy narrow was sent to Ukraine.

What happened to those mobilized in Ukraine. Yana Uzkikh told Rotunda that the men were “abandoned” there. According to her, her husband told her that the mobilized were sitting in the trenches without tents, the command did not set any tasks for them. According to Yana, for half a month the men were not provided with food or water, they also did not have the opportunity to wash themselves.

Yuri Uzkikh briefly called his wife and asked her to complain about what was happening. After that, Yana called the military registration and enlistment office of the Moscow region to find out where she could complain about the conditions of her husband’s detention. There, according to Uzkikh, she was told that “it’s all lyrics,” and invited her to come to the draft board.

Yana Uzkikh, writes Rotunda, tried to contact the military prosecutor’s office for two weeks, and then turned to the office of the St. Petersburg ombudsman Svetlana Agapitova, where she was promised to provide the military with everything necessary.

On October 30, the military kitchen provided the men with soup and promised to do it every day, but the mobilized were not given tents or water. To wash men now go to local residents for money.

Yana Uzkikh

conscript’s wife

– I will say one thing: I really love my army and my guys, I want to help the whole company, and not just my husband. I survived Chechnya: all my boys of the same age were sent there, my first love was shot, I didn’t even have time to take the oath. For me, the army is our boys. Everything else I hate. For me, this is a terrible disgusting situation – what the state arranged. ”

Big Picture. After the announcement of “partial mobilization” on the largest Russian marketplace Wildberries in October, the demand for woolen socks increased by 25,339%, for hiking boots – by 8250%, for balaclavas – by 6206%, and for sleeping bags – by 2657%.

Items, for which demand rose in October, are included in the “minimum set of property required to leave on a military mission.” This list was published by members of the telegram channel “Wives of the Mobilized St. Petersburg”. Mobilized Petersburgers and their relatives complain on the lack of first-aid kits, body armor, helmets and other goods.

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