Petersburger complained about the lack of payments. “Paper”

34-year-old Petersburger Alexei, who previously served in the Black Sea Fleet, went to fight in Izyum. During the retreat, he broke his legs and ended up in the hospital, but did not receive money for his service. His story told Base.

Details. In August, Aleksey from St. Petersburg signed a three-month contract with the Ministry of Defense and went to the occupied territories near Izyum. During the absence, the Petersburger, along with his colleagues, came under fire – then the soldiers plunged onto the armor of an armored personnel carrier, which later had an accident. The military received serious injuries, among them was a Petersburger with open leg fractures.

After being wounded, the volunteer ended up in a hospital in Belgorod, where pins were inserted into him, and later he was taken to the Burdenko hospital in Moscow. Local doctors performed only one operation, he spent the next weeks in the ward with festering wounds, according to Baza.

Recently, Alexei was promised a second operation and let him go home before the New Year, but he will be able to walk only by the summer, the newspaper writes, citing doctors.

The Petersburger did not receive any payments for the contract, or lifting from the governor Beglov, or compensation for the injury. Baza, citing Aleksey, writes that doctors in the Belgorod hospital reported that according to the papers, he was listed as “cargo 200”.

Alexei’s wife turned to the military registration and enlistment office, the administration of St. Petersburg, the Ministry of Defense and Social Protection, but received replies. The prosecutor’s office took control of the situation, the newspaper writes.

Deeper. Not all families of the mobilized received the promised payments. Readas in St. Petersburg (not) support the wives and children of conscripts.

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