Petersburg is definitely (exactly, exactly) ready for winter. “Paper”

The authorities will cope with snow removal in St. Petersburg next winter, Vasily Ponidelko, head of the beautification committee, said at a meeting of the Legislature on October 31. About it writes publication “” with reference to his correspondent.

The Committee for the Improvement of St. Petersburg has taken various measures to ensure that the problems of winter cleaning of the city do not recur in 2022–2023.

What problems have been identified by the authorities in winter cleaning. Ponidelko said that the main problems last winter were the slow removal of snow, its storage on the roads and untimely cleaning of sidewalks.

The head of the beautification committee added that the problem remains the shortage of workers, both manual labor and labor associated with special equipment. According to him, the road enterprises are staffed by 90%. “This is a good figure, which will grow due to the arrival of employees from one seasonal job to another,” Ponidelko added.

How do governments deal with these issues?. Smolny changed management in the “key enterprises” responsible for snow removal. These are GUDP Center and Kolomyazhskoe. And also began work with the state information system “Road street network“. According to Ponidelko, the system allows you to track transport routes and tasks, monitor the work of harvesting equipment and prepare reports on the work.

In addition, the authorities have increased the number of sites for temporary storage of snow from 8 to 17, said the head of the improvement committee. He added that 11 snow melting points and 46 transshipment points will be opened in St. Petersburg next winter, where the snow storage period is 10 days.

Petersburg purchased 74 new units of equipment, and in total prepared 1,612 units for winter, Ponidelko said. According to him, the city has concluded contracts for the additional involvement of equipment and janitors – they should come to the rescue during “volley rainfall” when the city’s resources will not be enough.

General picture. Petersburg authorities traditionally do not manage with winter cleaning of the city. For example, in 2010, according to a report by the Megapolis Center, Governor Valentina Matviyenko doubled the number of her opponents in four months – among the reasons for this was “a failed fight against snow.” And in 2015, the Vesna movement donated a shovel to Vice Governor Igor Albin for better city cleaning in winter.

deeper. In 2022, the cleaning of the city was so bad that the citizens themselves took shovels and crowbars, cleaned the yards and sidewalks and sprinkled them with sand. Businesses also tried to solve the problem on their own. Read text “Paper” about it.

“Paper” also told the stories of four girls who suffered from poor cleaning and the main thing about accidents due to ice and ice.

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