Petersburg has the most expensive basic food basket in Russia. “Paper”

The basic food basket of St. Petersburg residents is the most expensive in the country, should from a study by the Romir holding. On this drew attention edition of “Business Petersburg”.

According to the study, the cost of an average basket of products in St. Petersburg amounted to 4,082 rubles. Khimki is in second place – a basic grocery basket in a city in the Moscow Region will cost 4,067 rubles. Moscow closes the top three – 4,047 rubles.

The list of cities with the most expensive basic food baskets also includes Mytishchi (4,010 rubles), Ufa (3,976 rubles), Yekaterinburg (3,959 rubles), Krasnodar (3,955 rubles) and Kazan (3,922 rubles). The average price of a food basket in Russia amounted to 3,823 rubles.

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What else is known about food prices. Romir conducted a study on three store formats: convenience stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The lowest cost of a grocery basket in convenience stores was recorded in the Pyaterochka chain – it amounted to 3,315 rubles. The most expensive products are in Vkusvill stores. They will cost 5,103 rubles. On average, a shopping cart at points of this format costs about 3,916 rubles.

Among supermarkets and hypermarkets, the lowest cost of a food basket is in the retail chains Magnit Hypermarket (3,716 rubles) and Lenta (3,831 rubles).

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