Petersburg courts registered 80 complaints about mobilization. “Paper”

Since the beginning of the “partial mobilization”, St. Petersburg courts have received 80 lawsuits challenging decisions on mobilization. About it informs press service of the courts of the city.

What decisions do the courts make? So far, the district courts of St. Petersburg have considered 53 complaints – less than half of all registered claims. Of these, only one was partially satisfied, 12 stopped production and 15 were refused.

Where Petersburgers most often complain. Most of the claims were filed with the Krasnogvardeisky District Court – 13 complaints, followed by the Nevsky District Court – 12 complaints, 10 lawsuits were registered in the courts of the Kalininsky and Moskovsky districts. The Vasileostrovsky, Petrogradsky and Pushkinsky district courts had the fewest complaints – one claim each.

What you need to know. On October 20, a court in St. Petersburg for the first time declared the decision to mobilize illegal – a bank employee proved that he cannot be mobilized, since he “ensures the stability of the national payment system, financial market infrastructure and cash circulation.”

So far, the court has not consider lawsuits of two mobilized, who were handed summons with violations. Also another court refused mobilized Petersburger in providing an alternative civilian service.

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