Petersburg approved the cost of school lunches for 2023. “Paper”

Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov signed a resolution on prices for school lunches in 2023. About it informed press service of the city administration.

How prices will change:

  • The cost of breakfast for students in grades 1-4 will be 96.9 rubles, lunch – 145.3 rubles, set lunch – 242.2 rubles.
  • Breakfasts for other students will cost 113.9 rubles, lunches – 170.8 rubles, set meals – 284.7 rubles.
  • Cadets in grades 5–8 will have to pay 147.4 rubles for breakfast, 221.1 rubles for lunches, and 368.5 rubles for a set meal.
  • High school students from the cadet gymnasium will buy breakfast for 166.1 rubles, lunches for 249.1 rubles, and a set meal for 415.2 rubles.

As representatives of the administration of St. Petersburg noted, the cost of school meals will be compensated with funds allocated from the federal and city budgets.

What you need to know. Previously on the city government website appeared a project to raise the cost of school meals. The document indicated prices that were 14–15% higher than those approved.

This is the third price increase for school lunches in the past year. In January, the average cost of breakfast raised up to 68.5 rubles, lunch – 119.5 rubles, complex lunch – up to 188 rubles. In March prices again grew up: breakfast – up to 87 rubles, lunch – up to 131 rubles, set lunch – up to 218 rubles.

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