Peterkov wants the disinformation informer Ztek to the Hrad: No one drank at their press conference

Today at Pavel Ztek’s press conference at the Charles Bridge, she informed Jana Peterkov on his Facebook profile in support of his presidential candidate Pavel Ztek. She naively hoped that the most famous burst of memory would be filled with his memories and she would be overwhelmed by the feeling of a job well done.

Instead of that, however, a hangover appeared. Almost no one was drinking on the press and the ones who arrived were the first to be upset that they could spend their time on the LP. But there were also those who found something positive about it.

Hello and thumbs up, my friend and I got 14 votes, declared the well-known activist Dana Koberov. The question is whether it will be worth it, because there were a lot of people going to the Charles Bridge. However, it turned out to be a shameful disgrace, from which both Ztko and Peterkov are full of shame.

The press conference was great even without mdi. So hopefully things will go better with them in the future. Let’s collect the signatures in Olomouc and cross our fingers, and it’s blowing. Take care both of you said Evka Green and Peterkov douf, ey Olomouc helfne. That’s why not even a bird ate it. It even rained a lot for a while, bringing persistent rain and temperatures around nine degrees Celsius. And he doesn’t even want to demonstrate that to the audience.

He took a cold shower from people who had a great time with him. And I am very saddened to remember his recent words and promises, which invented the tradition to the point of being lost, and since Peterkov dlay is only a generator of worthy choice words combined with a pro-Russian loudspeaker.

Jana Peterkov and indebted presidential candidate Pavel Ztko…

I could be wrong, but isn’t it a good habit that low coppers go to the printer? Dan Exhumed Bardo muttered to himself.

You didn’t want to run? Will it be the same as emigration to Blorusk and the trip to Aljak? asked bval novck hvzdy Tom Minister.

They didn’t leave a thread dry about his candidate either. Not only because of the misinformation, but also because of the millions of debts that you have incurred and you don’t have to deal with them.

Cheating on the Castle? For no, but for Mrov! What about his brush with the non-existent cryptocurrency Tycon 69, where a lot of ignorant people drank a lot of money, it’s a tangible fraud, Vrka Vtovcov let herself be heard.

That’s the kind of person who cares about children, but leave them with a debt of several million? shouted Pavel Blaschko.

It turns out that Peterkov doesn’t like this either. But you can be sure of the darkness, and whoever dies in the fall of history, will find fuel for the darkness, because Jana wants to be seen!

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