Pechov about his father with ALS disease: We were at a loss, we had no idea what to expect

When his wife Kateina Pechov (36) sang “Imagine” by John Lennon at the benefit concert of Alsa with her husband Peter Pecha (33), many of his fans had no idea that he had ALS disease from his personal experience.

Dad fought the disease at a time when Elsa jet didn’t exist, it basically came into existence just before dad’s death. The doctors were not able to give us much advice and explain to us what we were talking about. We had practically no one to turn to, silk Kateina Pechov.

Nevertheless, the whole family tried to support his father even during the time when he was confined to the hospital. When I heard about Als, I decided to help and support them. So I’m a little sad that we didn’t learn about them two, Zpvaka added.

Knowing what ALS is and what the patient needs would help us a lot. That’s why I’m glad that Alsa is able to come to people’s attention. The hospital and their families have fantastic support in Alsa, admires the work of the association Kateina.

With my husband Petr Pecha at the benefit concert for Elsa in St. Anne’s Church, she sang the famous dog Imagine by John Lennon, which has become a synonym for peace, love and equality.

Manel Tamara and Tom Klus also performed at the Alsa benefit concert.

Together with his model Tamara Tom Klus sang at the event. Above all, it’s about love. That’s how people with ALS relate to those around them, love out there and unconditionally. We met Vladimr through Alsa (Vladimr Mikul, ALS patient, editor’s note) and his beautiful wife Denisa, who seem to be the material of the first song. Their strength is admirable and inspiring, however, he paid tribute to the patients with this terrible disease.

I am so glad that the concert ends here first, in Prask kiovatka. It is the city where I had the privilege of meeting Vclav Havel, his spiritual father. I think that Alsa and his state would be very busy with patients, added Trot.

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