Pavol Habera died in the hospital during an operation, he will not walk for a month

Pavol Habera (60), a well-known talent show executioner, died in hospital. He was due for knee surgery. Habera, the idiot, recently boasted on his social media about a photo of him in wellies, in which he jumped on two feet and there was no indication that his feet were sweating. Even his beautiful partner Daniela Petov (52), in connection with whom it was written that she got menopause, was so surprised that she initially mistook it for pregnancy.

I know the judges of talent shows and Slovak hitmakers Pavol Habera he was hospitalized on Thursday. He scared the fans with a photo of him with his legs bandaged at the knee. Habera recently celebrated his 10th birthday and as he knew on social media, the jump to the hospital was planned, the sexy idol is not the youngest.

When you have nothing to do on Thursday. Filled with withdrawal, wrote the rocker under the photo. The main arrow drawn on his leg took the atmosphere out of the setup operation. This can be the leg that will be operated on, so that it does not accidentally become a malar.

It seems that the musician will be sidelined for at least a few weeks, but he won’t be able to go back to work and exercise his leg, putting the knee joint back together will take some time after the meniscus replacement and the muscles.

Hudebnk underwent one operation in 2011, but he did not lose his leg. At that time, they had to operate on hemorrhoids caused by asthma in the military hospital in Prague.

Haber will be taken care of by his beautiful partner Daniela Petov.

Pavol Habera died in hospital.

She also feels the signs of hardening, she would look so divine from the outside, menopause has come to her. Her approach surprised her so much that at first she mistook her for a thotenness.

The blind eye then lost the desire for sex, which women experience during this period. The drop in libido for the model began at night.

Daniela Petov

Jaromr Soukup, who suffered a broken arm after a bicycle accident, died shortly afterwards in the Motolsk hospital. The businessman had to undergo an hour-long procedure, during which he also suffered a torn ligament.

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