Pavel Priluchny showed Zepyur Brutyan “Lovers” at the capital’s premiere

In the Moscow cinema Karo Oktyabr, a private screening of the new dramedy “Lovers” with Pavel Priluchny in one of the main roles was held.

The distributors of the picture, the Volga film company, decided not to hold a high-profile secular premiere, so the show took place without the traditional red carpet. However, the first viewers of the picture, the actors of the film crew and guest stars, did not hold back their emotions during the show: “Lovers” achieved what they wanted.

“It was an interesting experience for me personally. “Lovers” is a life story about our relationship with you. I think everyone will make some kind of conclusion, ”- said one of the “lovers” Pavel Priluchny before the show.

The actor came to the premiere with his wife Zepyur Brutyan. During the show, both laughed heartily and held hands. And along with them, the whole audience – this comedy obviously needs to be watched on the big screen. Get a lot of pleasure from non-vulgar humor and unexpected twists and turns of the plot.

Pavel Priluchny and Zepyur Brutyan at the premiere of Lovers, photo by Yuli Goncharova

“The topics that our heroes talk about on the screen are very deep and important, but we talk about them in a comedy genre. Because this is what happens in life: we laugh and cry, we experience something, and then we laugh again. I wish you wonderful emotions – different, and that’s the whole buzz! ”, – said the director of the film, Elena Khazanova, addressing the audience of the premiere.

“After the success of the film “Mistresses”, which became the leader of the box office in 2019, the idea came up to shoot a sequel, — says producer David Gasitashvili. “As a viewer, I can say that I really liked the director’s and acting work, the music was chosen brilliantly. The film is clearly a success!

David Gasitashvili and Olga Spirkina at the premiere

According to the plot, three men, Sasha (Pavel Priluchny), Lesha (Roman Kurtsyn), Pasha (Aleksey Zolotovitsky), go to psychotherapy in order to “heal their spiritual wounds.” In addition to them, at the session with the psychotherapist there are many other “patients” who complain about the deceit of their companions. Having united, the trinity decides that this “outrage” can no longer be tolerated and invites comrades in misfortune to take revenge on the weaker sex for the offenses inflicted. “Lovers” continues the story of “Mistresses”, where three deceived girls team up to help other women who have suffered from cheating men.

The Lovers is out in wide release on November 3rd.

Trailer “Lovers”

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