Partyšová’s new partner: She hit a high score! How much does the man who jets her have on his account?

Last week, Expres photographers came across presenter Gábina Partyšová by complete accident, as she boarded a private jet bound for Morocco at the Prague airport. It was immediately speculated that she might have found a new guy and that this guy definitely doesn’t have deep pockets. And it’s true, it’s billionaire Igor Fait!

The fact that Partyšová also took her son Kristián on a trip to Morocco suggested that the relationship with the mysterious suitor must be more serious. Of course, attention was mainly focused on the private jet.

He suggested that the new partner must belong to the cream of the crop. And indeed, as he reported Blesk.czthis is Brno billionaire Igor Fait.

The fifty-six-year-old businessman was ranked ninety-first in Forbes magazine’s latest ranking of the richest Czechs. The value of his property is 3.8 billion crowns.

He came to the money through persistent work, over a quarter of a century he buys struggling industrial companies, helps them get back on their feet and then sells them at a profit. Above all, however, he founded the investment group Jet Investment.

Igor Fait also has his own gallery.

It is no coincidence that Fait and the former presenter of the program Prásk! introduced. He is close to show business, because every year he organizes the famous Ball like Brno. And it is probably no coincidence that Gábina Partyšová is his regular visitor…

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