Parties at the Moon Club: Starring Vmol! Lela showed her new nose and climbed into the formula

The end of the Euroformula Open season started in the middle of the evening at the Moon Club. The whole event was held in honor of the only Czech Formula 3 driver Vladimr Netuil and his team Effective Racing.

It’s a beautiful evening. I’m glad to be able to connect the evening with food, art and lifestyle. I missed it a little in the esku, said Expresa Vladimr Netuil, who was accompanied to the event by his beautiful wife.

Part of the official program was a short modeling tour and a performance by a sexy dancer. At the party, where bartenders mixed delicious drinks and fresh sushi was served, there were celebrities from the world of show business.

Miss Czech Republic pageant editor Taana Makarenko arrived to support the models at the event.

Tana Makarenko in the crack of the Moon club.

Octagon’s moderator Oliver Slus, who helped organize the whole party and during the festive ceremony, understandably grabbed his ace – the microphone, could not be missing from the event.

He met a friend of ours, the Lv Pbh page caught my eye and I’m a big fan of him. Our paths have joined together to help me reach the sun explained Express Slus.

Oliver Sluss

The sympathetic moderator brought his fiancee Petra to the event, whom he recently proposed to in New York.

Lela first showed the nose on which it is tied. Then she climbed into the formula

But the main stars of the evening were without a doubt manel Vmolov. Who would have expected that they would not be paid attention to Karlosova they don’t give any negative support, he is wrong.

Karlos and Lela at an event in the famous Moon club.

Karlos and Lela arrived at the club before ten o’clock and immediately set the whole business in a very positive mood. At first glance, they seemed almost like first-time lovers. They didn’t kiss and they didn’t hug at the bar.

Karlos and Lela at the bar.

The popular beater then chatted with his friends at the bar and took pictures with fans. Lela showed off her brand new nose in public for the first time, which she had modified in the distant future.

Best decision in my life. I see a change not only in me, but in those around me. Anyone who knows me and meets me knows that the nose is great, Lela praised herself for her new nose on social media just before she arrived at the table with her husband.

Lela Vmola at an event in the crack club Moon.

Lela at an event at the crack club Moon.

The Slovak sex bomb then climbed into the pits of the formula before the eyes of others. It was a bit of a problem in the Cossacks, so one of Karlos’s friends had to help her.

Lela Ceterov

During the whole operation, Lela was very careful not to be betrayed by her father. In the end, however, it worked out and she and Karlos were just beside themselves.

Lela Ceterov
Lela Ceterov
Lela will try

Karlos is losing weight and has lost water: Leave me alone to spit, k

While Lela and her friends were enjoying ampask, the man was missing water all evening. At the end of the year, he will fight for the middleweight championship (up to 84 kilograms) with rival Patrik Kincle.

Vmola, who was in the dog yard, saw the shed. On his Instagram, he bragged that he got under 100 kilograms less than two months before the fight, which is a good sign.

Every time I get under 100 kilos on a diet, I know I’m on the right track, and many who are 84 are just a bunch of hard stuff and spit out, said Karlos, who longed for the dog to throw two belts over his shoulder.

Check out the rest of the photos from the Moon Club event in the gallery.

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