Ovka’s wedding with a Ukrainian woman: Zemanv Mlúv hid the fun from colleagues from the Castle!

On Twitter, he spewed one pspvek after another. But now, in the president’s speech, Ji Ovek (43) turned out to be a big secret. A few days ago, he was supposed to marry a Ukrainian woman with whom he had been dating for several months. In addition, Ovek also married his son at preschool age. According to the exclusive source of Expres, Zemanv kept the wedding a secret even from his colleagues from the Castle! No one had any idea that he had a partner at all, a hunter who was very close to Ovka.

The server was the first to report on Jiho Ovek’s secret wedding with an unknown Ukrainian woman It was both in the circle of the closest birds, the source of the Lightning flashed.

In addition to the newlyweds, the bride’s son in preschool was also at the party. Ovek and the unknown Ukrainian woman were supposed to be in a relationship since the spring, when the castle hosted the Benjen woman in Rome for help.

The editorial staff of contacted Jiho Ovka. Zemanv spoke, who otherwise would have responded immediately from the newspaper in the evening, but did not respond at the time. According to him, he and his sweetheart are on a wedding trip around the Czech Republic.

However, a reputable source from Expres z Hrad told us that Ovek hid his major life event from his co-workers.

They didn’t even know about it. I don’t even know how many months I have a partner, said the hunter who was very close to Ovka.

I wonder if President Zeman married. danj pr yes and supported his speech the whole time. It is interesting that in connection with Ovek, there has been speculation in recent years that spe mui is being questioned.

A few years ago, Szkov’s office even offered odds on whether Ovek had a homosexual orientation. However, that never happened, instead he had a surprising wedding with an unknown Ukrainian woman.

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