Our jaws dropped from Khek Kubařová! No more thick sweaters and batiks, the actress brought out a big style

The change of image suits the actress. At the premiere of the new fairy tale Princ Mamánek, Veronika Khek Kubařová (35) shone in a black dress with silver accessories like a real movie star who wouldn’t be lost even at a bigger film festival. That one over there is a tomboy in batik things, we applaud her.

Actress Veronika Khek Kubařová she used to be a Scorpio with fashion. Editors chastised her for looking like a bio woman who prefers comfort to a prescribed look. That doesn’t apply today.

For the performance of the new fairy tale, Prince Mama, she did not choose a dress à la divoženka, as she always liked, but she came in an elegant black dress, in which she looked like a fashion guru. By the way, Khek Kubařová played a girl from a pub in the film, next to the spoiled Prince Budar, at the event she looked more like Julia Roberts in the final scene of Pretty Woman.

Her black robe hugged her perfect curves, which she had previously covered in shapeless dresses or large skirts, which was a real shame considering her figure.

Next to the Slovak actress, known as Arabela, Jana Nagy was deservedly named the biggest star of the red carpet. She enjoyed taking pictures and posing, it was clear that she felt great with beautiful make-up and clothes, which was also reflected in her great mood.

Veronika Khek Kubařová also had perfect make-up.

She definitely wouldn’t embarrass herself with that outfit even in the world of Hollywood stars. Being a lady is great for her.

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