Only Polívková succeeded! Comedy Ruce in the guarantee beat competitor Modrava

“She sacrificed her whole life for her career and now her life’s dream is within reach. But one stupid bet turns her life upside down in no time. The premiere of a comedy story about how an arrogant top manager becomes dependent solely on the help of others.” sounded the trailer for the new Czech TV comedy aptly named Hands in Guarantee.

She mainly shone in it Anna Polivková. The audience, who numbered a record 1.3 million, are now taking the actress to heaven and do not spare superlatives.

“Great, great. Anička Polívková really inherited a gift from her father, she knows how to play without words and I trust her, just another great story full of funny and serious situations, which could hold up a mirror for many people. Thank you for the whole series of nice stories from life and perfect acting performances.” viewer Dagmar let herself be heard on Facebook ČT.

“Anička Polívková’s excellent performance, bravo and smack,” acknowledged Jindřich.

“Anička Polívková as always excellent,” agreed Jana.

Anna Polívková and Robert Jašków in the comedy Hands in Guarantee

Despite the flood of laudatory reactions and thumbs up, of course there were those who spoiled the ČT news.

“I didn’t expect any extra art from Vejdělk’s TV films, but at least solid watchable filmmaking. I was rather unpleasantly surprised that they would be so bad. The plots are like from bachelor stories and the denouement is downright shallow.” remarked Pavel.

“I haven’t seen anything so stupid in a long time. At the same time, the subject is not as completely stupid as for a comedy. There was nothing funny at all, not even Polívková squirming out of her tracksuit bottoms when she wanted to screw up.” shouted Iveta, who was not entirely to her liking in the guarantee. Quite possibly, during the course, she preferred to switch to Nova, where at that time one of the reruns of Police Modrava was running.

This time it finished second, attracting a total of 1.183 million viewers.

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