ONLINE: Třinec – Pardubice 1:3. The visitors add another goal in the second period

Robert Kousal from Pardubice and Patrik Hrehorčák from Třinec.
| photo: CTK

The first meeting between the two teams offered an attractive spectacle, four goals out of seven were scored in the first period. In the end, Radim Rulík’s men rejoiced after Tomáš Dvořák’s goal, who won 4:3 in extra time.

Třinec – Pardubice

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The Steelers are starting to pick up after an unsuccessful start to the season. They won four of the previous five matches, losing only to Český Budějovice (2:3 after separate raids).

They jumped to the eighth position in the table, Mlada Boleslav is only three points behind the fourth. The play of special teams also contributed to the improvement in results and performance, the last six goals were scored by Třinec on the power play.

“But we also have to assert ourselves in the five-on-five game,” said assistant coach Vladimír Országh after the loss in the south of Bohemia.

Pardubice are also in good form, having last lost on October 13. Since then, they overpowered Liberec and Litvínov, won the derby with Hradec Králové and blasted Kladno.

East Bohemians remain in first place. Drá Vítkovice have the same points after Wednesday’s defeat at Sparta (2:3 in overtime), but have played an extra game so far.

Tipsport extra league 2022/23

15th round 27/10/2022 17:00

October 27, 2022 5:00 p.m



– Doudera, Marinčin – Squeak, Crane – Jaroměřsky, Gardener – Yearling – Marcinka, Rose , A charioteer – Tax, Musician, He didn’t scare – Hrehorčak, Pot, Chmielewski – Buck, Predatory, Kurovsky



– Cherry tree, He had to – Dvořák, A tick – Wheeler, Wave – Chabad – Cienciala, He bit, He advised – Suitcase, Paulovich, Little boy – Matys, He had to , Stream – Reed, Robe, Urban

Referee: Robin Šír, Daniel Pražák – Lukáš Rampír, Michal Axman.

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