ONLINE: Slovcko – Kln, a duel for promotion, the stadium was covered in fog

Eric Martel from FC Kln (left) and Marek Havlk from Slovakia during the Conference League match.
| photo: Reuters

Slovacko lost 2:4 at the Cologne stadium in the first half and is last in Group D, but not hopeless.

ONLINE: 1. FC Slovcko – 1. FC Kln

you can watch utkn minute by minute

It has the same point as its opponent and, like Nice, the leader Partizan Blehrad is the guest in the same game, losing only one point.

In practice, this means that in order to beat the Angels on the way to spring, coach Martin Svdek’s Saints must not lose.

The latter bet on a decent line-up from Nice, the only change is that Hoffman returns to the stopper, while Brandner, on the other hand, does not play in the center. Danek slipped from defense to offense.

Kln is in a similar situation, thanks to a slightly better start they can theoretically afford a two-goal advantage. But if Nice beats Partizan, it is out of the game.

Conference league 2022/2023

27/10/2022 18:45

F. Vecheta, P. Jurok, J. Borek, V. Sinyavsky, L. Kozk, P. imko, M. Koht, V. Ljovin, D. Holzer, P. Brandner, T. Frytk, T. Beka
M. Schmid, L. Maina, J. Schwirten, M. Uth, S. Tigges, G. Strauch, J. Urbig, B. Schmitz, N. Soldo, T. Horn, J. Hector, O. Duda

Decision: G. Kruavili – L. Varamivili, Z. Pipia

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