“On the same wavelength”: Tatyana Bulanova shared the story of meeting the parents of her beloved

The singer has been dating tennis player Valery Rudnev for three years. The age difference between them is 19 years. The artist in the past said that this does not affect their relationship in any way.

The athlete quickly became friends with Bulanova’s children. And recently, the performer told a story about meeting her lover’s parents. It happened on Rudnev’s birthday.

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Tatyana remembered that she very quickly found a common language with Valery’s mother. The woman impressed the singer as a very friendly person. And dad turned out to be a moderately strict sports fan. The star believes that the parents of her beloved are incredibly good people.

They quickly hit it off and became friends. Now Bulanova rejoices that she has found like-minded people. During meetings, the performer understands that a special atmosphere reigns in the family.

“… I understand that we are on the same wavelength,” she added.

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