Oleg Tinkov announced “withdrawal of his brand” from Tinkoff. “Paper”

Entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov said he had begun the process of “withdrawing his brand” from Tinkoff Bank, named after him. About this Tinkov wrote on your instagram.

“You have a new owner, whom you manipulate there, well, rename it to Potanin-Bank … and my name should not be associated with fascism,” the entrepreneur wrote.

In response to this statement in the bank reportedthat all legal rights to the Tinkoff brand belong to the credit institution.

In addition, Oleg Tinkov announced yesterday on his Instagram that he had renounced Russian citizenship. The post was deleted the next morning. Entrepreneur claimswhich did not delete the publication, and also believes that this is the work of “Putin’s trolls.”

Oleg Tinkov

– Looks like Putin’s trolls somehow got to Insta, my post disappeared. He said that I had made the decision to renounce Russian citizenship because of Russia’s invasion of independent Ukraine. I am against this war, and the killing of civilians,” Tinkov added.

What you need to know. Oleg Tinkov sold his stake in TCS Group (owns Tinkoff Bank, Tinkoff Insurance and other assets) to Vladimir Potanin in April. The entrepreneur stated that he was forced to give away the assets “for a penny.” Back in April, Tinkoff management reportedthat intends to abandon the brand associated with the name of the founder.

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