Oleg Gazmanov explained when his son will get rid of the status of a bachelor

The artist frankly answered the question of journalists regarding his eldest heir.

As you know, 41-year-old Rodion has been trying for many years to find the very girl with whom he will live a long and happy life. However, so far he has not been able to start a family.

So, he recently broke up with his beloved, whom he met for five years. Rodion even bought a ring and was ready to make a marriage proposal, but at the last moment he realized that their relationship “stopped working.” After that, he was noticed in the company of a model from St. Petersburg.

Gazmanov Sr. himself is calm about the decisions of his son. However, the increased attention of journalists to Rodion irritates him. For example, recently Oleg Mikhailovich clearly explained when Gazmanov Jr. would get rid of the status of a bachelor.

“What’s up with these questions? He’s doing well! When he feels bad alone, he marries! Why are you all so excited about the topic! – the artist said emotionally.

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