Old fashioned: 3 most disgusting trends that you still wear! What to wear when you are no longer in your twenties

Hipsters are making a comeback. What about Renato Salerno and Anna-Marie Donkor? They wash us, we love the trends of the past years and we are “90s/00s kids” at heart, but the way in which you sometimes, our dear darlings, perceive the trends makes us wonder if not in a coma. We will discuss three top accessories that you should never wear again, otherwise Renato’s retina will peel off. We reminisce about the days when “Pamela” lips were worn and bad highlights ruled the world, then we’ll give you some final advice. The issue will be how to dress appropriately for one’s age. Watch the Demodé podcast, in which we will make fun of you, maybe even you. You can find all the outfits we’re talking about in the gallery attached to the article.

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