ochtan Josef Dvok goes with the times: Is it okay to take a selfie? No problem

Although he recently celebrated his 80th birthday, actor Josef Dvok proves that he moves with the times. He’s not like a classic pensioner who needs a phone with big buttons, but he has a smart phone and can use it when needed. If someone wants a selfie, no problem.

Actor Josef Dvok Pavel Kok’s new magic set was on the corner and was the top attraction. People wanted to take pictures with the most famous waterman, taking a selfie with him was not a problem. He should have understood it, and it was even obvious that he was good at it.

And I showed you that the phone works. He doesn’t give a phone with big pressures, like I give people in retirement age, so that they can easily control the mobile phone and not have to worry about it, but he showed a smart device.

With the actor, you can tell that age is really just a weapon and it doesn’t stop people from moving with the times, even when technology is advancing so much. When the hunter wants, everything goes.

Josef smiled on all sides, he was for every occasion, and when the model Hana Malkov rose in the air to the magic of the young man, he couldn’t stop staring and clapped for life.

The actor Josef Dvok did not love his own mother.

This is inconvenient, how long? Dvok asked.

And he was afraid that the model would hurt herself if she fell. Nothing happened, even when Josef was prepared to provide first aid.

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