Not only a concert: Grigory Leps and the stars of “Russian Radio” performed in Lugansk, delivering humanitarian aid

On November 9, a concert by Grigory Leps took place in Lugansk. The stars of “Russian Radio” took to the stage together with the People’s Artist of Russia: YurKiss, VladiMir and Elena Sever. They also brought humanitarian aid for the Lugansk Perinatal Center and the Republican Clinical Hospital.

The concert was timed to coincide with the Day of the employee of the internal affairs bodies, which is celebrated annually on November 10. The spectators in the hall were the military, police officers and other special forces. For more than 2 hours, Grigory Leps was on stage – they met him and other artists incredibly warmly. The show turned out to be very warm and sincere. It was Grigory Leps, together with YurKiss, who initiated and organized this concert.

And, of course, artists could not come to Lugansk without humanitarian aid for its residents and the military.

Concert in Luhansk

Elena Sever, YurKiss and Vladimir visited perinatal center Luganskwhere they brought the necessary things purchased at their own expense: bottle sterilizers, breast pumps, baby food, discharge clothing sets, warm envelopes, a lot of hygiene consumables: diapers, diapers, wet wipes.

And the stars brought body armor to the Republican Clinical Hospital. Medics regularly travel to war zones to help the wounded and injured, and such humanitarian assistance is invaluable to them. “Saving the lives of other people, they sometimes lose their own” – YurKiss said, handing over bulletproof vests of the highest level of protection.

The artists also presented gifts to representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR, including frost-proof winter boots, which are so necessary for soldiers before the onset of cold weather.

“We are very glad that we have the opportunity to help the residents of the frontline territories, the military. Every artist today has the opportunity to make his own – albeit small, but very important – contribution, – Elena Sever says We are very grateful to the audience for the warm welcome. And, of course, “Russian Radio” thanks Grigory Leps for his courage and indifference.

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