“No, I have Christmas trees!”: Maxim Dunaevsky postponed all projects to write songs for Dedmorozovka

Maxim Dunayevsky was inspired by Andrey Usachev’s children’s bestseller School of Snowmen and composed 15 songs for the New Year’s show.

“Children are sacred!” admits Maxim Dunaevsky, who has more than two hundred excellent hits on his account. Every year, the eminent composer postpones all urgent matters when he receives an offer to create music for the New Year’s project. So this time, Maxim Dunayevsky abandoned a major project in order to work on a children’s project.

“There is a wonderful anecdote. One Russian actor went to the main role in Hollywood, they call him from there and say you need to fly to the shooting. And he replies: “I can’t – I have “Christmas trees”. So it is with me – I postponed a very big job in St. Petersburg. There they moaned, they screamed, they hysteria, because they have a premiere in November, but I said: “No! I have “Christmas trees” says Maxim Dunayevsky.

For the New Year’s show “School of Snowmen”, which will be shown during the New Year holidays, the legendary composer wrote 15 compositions. As Dunaevsky admits, he was inspired by the fairy-tale world, which was invented by one of the most inventive, rare in his talent contemporary poets Andrei Usachev. Two legendary authors will give children and their parents a grandiose New Year’s show about the adventures of the amazing inhabitants of the village of Dedmorozovka.

“Andrey Usachev is a wonderful poet, especially with regard to children’s and youth topics. To this day it is unsurpassed! It works best, no doubt. We also made cartoons with him, we have a lot of common work with him. So this time we have done a very worthy big project!”, shares Maksim Dunayevsky.

Andrey Usachev with snowmen

During the winter holidays, children and their parents, together with the residents of the village of Dedmorozovka, will go on exciting adventures. In a fairy tale world, the heroes of a fantastic journey have to overcome a variety of obstacles, defeat evil and fulfill their cherished dreams. Together with the audience, the restless assistants of Santa Claus – the snowmen Morkovkin, Varezhkin and Kosichkina will have to fight the Snow Queen and the Ice King, visit the North Pole and Antarctica, fight huge trolls, save monkeys freezing in Africa, and the whole planet from global cooling. .

For the first time, your favorite literary heroes will come to life in a musical New Year’s show, which will be shown from December 24 to January 7 in the new Moscow concert hall of the Dream Island amusement park.


Maxim Dunayevsky and Andrey Usachev can’t wait to see the show, in which they have invested all their talents and love for children. The grand performance “School of Snowmen”, designed for family viewing, will surprise you with an interesting and original plot, large-scale scenery, the latest technologies, bright special effects, and make you fall in love with the New Year’s hits of the famous composer. And even popular performers and actors are involved in the creation of the project. So, the singer Lyusya Chebotina will perform the song of the Magic Mirror, and the actor and TV presenter Alexander Oleshko, as the host of the weather forecast, will inform the audience about what meteorological conditions await us in the near future.

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