Nikita Mikhalkov criticized Danya Milokhin

Weak geographical knowledge of the idol of youth caused a sharp reaction from the famous director.

So, Nikita Mikhalkov, on the air of his Besogon TV program, criticized Danya Milokhin. Nikita Sergeevich remembered the shame of Milokhin on the show “Dancing”, where he stated that he did not know where Sakhalin was. The master was also outraged by Dani’s words at SPIEF 2021 that he “does not think at all.”

Danya Milokhin
Photo: Danya Milokhin social networks.

“It becomes completely natural, for example, that an illiterate vegetable, Danya Milokhin, evokes emotion on the state channel. This is the one who distinguished himself at the economic forum. We saw this disgrace, – Mikhalkov said.

At the same time, the director was surprised that the young tik-toker is now sitting in the jury chair in one of the popular programs.

“It does not cause either amazement or indignation: it is like a child’s smile, as the girl described herself,” — summed up Nikita Sergeevich.

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