[NEWS] The lawyer told how much you can make noise on New Year’s holidays

This issue is regulated by the legislation of a particular subject of the Russian Federation. Each subject has its own interpretation of the law on silence, however, not every region of the country has special rules on silence regarding the New Year holidays. Petr Gusyatnikov, senior managing partner of the law firm PG Partners, told Gazeta.Ru about this.

“For example, in accordance with the Law of the city of Moscow “On maintaining the peace of citizens and silence in the city of Moscow”, it is forbidden to make noise from 23:00 to 07:00. For violation of this provision of the law, an administrative fine is imposed in accordance with the Code of Administrative Offenses of Moscow. The same rule applies to the period of the New Year holidays, ”explains the expert.

According to Petr Gusyatnikov, there are regions where other rules apply on New Year’s Eve: “The Law of the Samara Region “On Ensuring Peace and Quiet for Citizens at Night in the Samara Region” dated December 27, 2018, establishes special rules regarding New Year’s Eve. It is allowed to make noise here during the celebration of the New Year from 22:00 on December 31 to 3:00 on January 1.

The lawyer emphasizes that such special norms are not established in all regions of the Russian Federation, therefore, noise, and loud sounds on New Year’s Eve can lead to administrative liability for violating not only peace and quiet but also sanitary and epidemiological norms:

“In practice, police officers rarely prosecute violators on New Year’s Eve if they were just talking loudly, laughing, or listening to music. If the neighbors nevertheless called an outfit to you, and he is obliged to come on a call, then you should not behave rudely with the police officers and insult them. They have every right to fine you, but if you talk to them normally, most likely they will get into position and just leave, wishing you a good holiday.”

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