New students of the Faculty of Liberal Arts will lose the opportunity to choose subjects until the third year

New students of Smolny College will lose the opportunity to choose subjects until the third year, says in the relevant document. Students called the choice of disciplines the main feature of the faculty.

How else will the program change?. The new program does not include modules such as History of Art, Computer Science, Philosophy, note the authors of the telegram channel Save Smolny. The students point out that the word “culture” has been added to all module titles except “Cognitive Studies”.

What are students afraid of? The main question about the implementation of the new curriculum, the students write, concerns how first, second and third year students will complete their undergraduate studies.

Students note that according to the old plan, students from different programs mix in groups and thus recruit the minimum number of people needed to open the course – if there are less than five, then classes are canceled.

The authors of Save Smolny fear that in 2025, when the current first year becomes the fourth, they will be the only students who study according to the old curriculum, which means there will be a threat of shortages in some disciplines. This means that the university may refuse to cooperate with some teachers.

Big Picture. St. Petersburg State University will close Liberal Arts and Sciences program and will replace it with an Arts and Humanities course. Presumably, the new program lacks a key feature of the faculty – the principles of the liberal arts and sciences. Since 2021, 16 teachers have been fired from the faculty.

Previously, students of the Master’s program of the Faculty of Liberal Arts of St. Petersburg State University “Curatorial Studies” wrote a complaint against the teacher Irina Khmyrova-Pruel, who replaces Denis Skopin after his dismissal.

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