New “Little Red Riding Hood”: Sasha Morozova and Mark Lavrik presented a joint track

On November 9, the new musical project LAVRIK & MOROZOVA released their debut single “Little Red Riding Hood”.

Young artists Sasha Morozova and Mark Lavrik have recorded a dance track that immerses listeners into the atmosphere of a party at the beginning of the 2000s. First love, dancing until dawn, the wind in my head – this is the mood of the song.

The history of fit artists began on the management track of the RU.TV music award, when the young singer Sasha Morozova (daughter of the singer Slava) was accompanied by a blogger, a former football player of FC Spartak, Mark Lavrik. After a joint exit at the event, the idea of ​​​​a creative tandem was born. As the performers themselves share, it all started with a discussion of a loud dispute in the digital space that today it is absolutely not necessary to have hearing and voice to record a track: football players and bloggers can also safely claim the status of an “artist”. However, Sasha herself takes creativity quite seriously.

Sasha Morozova

According to the artist, she is “a tough self-criticist.” Even when everything seems fine to others, Sasha can find things to fix.

“I stick to this tactic – when the recorded song is ready, I send it to absolutely everyone, collect all the opinions and only then decide whether to release this track. And authoritative advisers for me are musicians who have already achieved a lot, and, of course, my mother. More than one release does not pass without her, and her opinion is very important to me, ”- Sasha confessed to us.

Of course, we asked what the singer Slava thinks about the work of her daughter, Sasha Morozova.

“I see in Sasha an independent musical project that makes small, but conscious and correct steps. I have always said and will say, regardless of family ties, that Sasha is very talented, and her vocals are much stronger than mine, as we found out a long time ago at the studio. I am sure she will be a great success. Yes, she will always be a little girl for me, but not in creativity. Now she works independently on the selection of repertoire, recording songs, collaborations and everything in general. I don’t climb, I completely trust and rejoice from the outside, ”- Slava told Russian TV Week.

“Little Red Riding Hood” is already available on all digital platforms: LAVRIK & MOROZOVA — “Little Red Riding Hood”

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