New details of the conflict of the soloists of the group “# 2 Masha”

The famous Russian singer and soloist of the musical group “# 2Masha” Maria Sheikh shared the details of the collapse of the team.

In an interview with the show “Alena, Damn,” the artist admitted that there were several reasons for breaking off creative relations with the second member of the group, Maria Zaitseva.
At first, according to Sheikh, her colleague began to engage in a solo project. And after she was in intensive care, she began to ask questions on duty at work. We will remind, earlier the Sheikh was in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury.

The second Masha did not remain silent on the accusations against her. The singer said that the Sheikh deliberately told a lie. Moreover, Zaitseva did not find a place for herself while the Sheikh was in the hospital. She confirmed her words with screenshots of messages from personal correspondence.

By the way, the pictures from the messenger really show that Zaitseva tried to contact the Sheikh and was interested in her state of health. However, despite the evidence from Zaitseva, the Sheikh refuses to admit he was wrong and continues to insist that yesterday’s girlfriend traded her for a job.

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