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Even though she didn’t even strive for anything like that and didn’t drink under the cauldron in any way, Eva Decastelo (44) came out of the imaginary fight of the parting husbands as a clear widow. And his husband, screenwriter Ren Decastelo (49), tried quite hard to make him win. However, it didn’t work out for him like it did in the romantic serials he plays for Prima.

When Ren Decastello In 2008, he took his new love to the Primy press, he knew for a long time that there would be a lot of newspapers and photographers at the event and he would definitely be on the front pages. He succeeded in that too. But then it was as if the water closed over him and Eva Korniová Jung, and where there was nothing, there was nothing.

If the rugby player imagined that invitations to prominent events and parties would follow, she was quite disappointed. Ever since Prima celebrated summer at Hostivask Reservoir, we haven’t seen the pair anywhere, and it doesn’t look like that will change in the future.

It is quite possible that their love blooms longer and is bathed in the sun, only in autumn and in the late summer I heat and burn. Be good to them. You sympathize with the people anyway Eva Decastello.

The sleepy moderator, what about her self-promotion, didn’t do much and she definitely didn’t even go around the event hand in hand with Tom Tetek to let them know that she’s also a new bird. And if I’m no one else, I don’t know the photographer, I just come from a famous aviation family.

Obas and life are noble, to Eva Decastelo.

If the author of Seril Ohniv kue or Slunen were to pretend that they didn’t want to brag about Eva Korniová, would they raise their heads, for the sake of a straight shoulder, and let them know that they love each other very much? In such a case, their flag would not make much sense, because they can celebrate their love in private, without prying eyes and foreign questions.

Let’s see in the future if the screenwriter and writer will not try to sway the public to his side. But it will mt tk. His lover turns 100 when he pulls out from the archive a black and sexy photo that Tet shared first, and his fan club immediately grows…

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