Nepot with Dda for Christmas? Let’s see how he will be distributed, Felix Slovek said

Musician Felix Slovek (79) was one of the VIP guests at the corner of Halina Pawlowski’s (67) book Uvej ivota and without Dda Patrasov (66) he was in his element again. chatted with Heidi Jank (59), took notice. In fact, one could say that he did not like his wife. In an interview for Expres, he revealed that he doesn’t even know if they will be together at Christmas. For?

Musician Felix Slovek he loves company, so perhaps there is not a day when he is not at some church, even open for business. And for them, he wants to have fun and enjoy life, just like he says in his book Halina Pavlovskwho likes people, and gives himself joy every day.

What is the most important thing for a musician? What does he really mean by the word vavat?

I haven’t been in the world long, every wasted moment doesn’t happen. And that’s why I think that rune of social life has something to do with it. Someone condemns you, but I recommend it. I like standing in front of a Big Band, it’s such a holiday for me, apart from pleasure, Felix said.

So look for a trip that satisfies him and where he can get the necessary energy. He would like to take you somewhere to go to my place, not for him, the woman outside the church and gave work duties.

Felix ended up with Heidi Jank.

U v, how long will Christmas last? He was quite surprised by his answer.

I will spend Christmas with Anika, Felix and the grandchildren. And when the constellation is good, so is Ddou, replied the mysterious one, saying that his mistress never knew what mood he would be in.

Dagmar Patrasov and Felix Slovek

It’s been the first year since they’ve turned to each other so solemnly and talked about how they’re different again. According to the musician’s answers, it doesn’t look like a happy relationship.

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