Natlie Kocbov appeared at the premiere in a tank top and leggings. She left Rba on her lap

On Monday evening, a ceremonial premiere of the long-awaited film Hranice lsky starring Hana Vagner was held in Lucerne. While half of the star guests looked for the most festive thing they had in Athens, and many even drank the festive attire, Natalia Kocbov she arrived in what appeared to be a generic t-shirt and leggings.

At first glance, her choice seems like a worldly disaster, but Kocbov loves her and photographers have captured her more than a hundred times. She could actually be described as a queen of dark colors and dark outfits in the so-called anti-style.

What does antistyle mean? This term primarily referred to the fashion creations of celebrities, who should have enough money and fame to dress up every day in new clothes from luxury brands that they wear or get for free, but the fact is that they are gone.

On the contrary, they appear in public in very ordinary and modest clothes, in which you would not distinguish them from ordinary mortals.

Many rockers, rappers, Lana Del Rey, Justin Bieber or Britney Spears have become icons of this style. Over time, however, this style began to gain extreme popularity, and today it is famous for its thumbs up from the men who can easily stand on their heads.

Natlie Kocbov at the premiere of the film Hranice lsky in a black cloak

Obleen depends on how others perceive us, and that’s quite enough.

While the main stars of the new film did not allow themselves to be photographed in luxurious clothes at the premiere, Kocbov was far more sophisticated, with her way and style, it really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. And many people like that.

We happily pass her off as a star of anti-style, she confidently pulled off a regular black T-shirt, thigh-high leather, dark suede, thick boots and a male cable. It’s so much proof that it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it.

Natlie Kocbov has her own style.

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