Named the date of the award BraVo

The 5th Anniversary BraVo International Professional Music Awards for Classical Arts will take place on April 23, 2023. This was announced by the permanent presenter of the Award, Elena Sever, during the solemn presentation of the statuette to this year’s laureate, Belarusian opera singer Marta Danusevich.

The 4th Music Award Ceremony this year was held in absentia, but retained its international status: outstanding representatives of the classical scene from many countries of the Eurasian continent became the owners of BraVo golden treble clefs. The winners this year are opera and ballet stars, conductors and musicians, directors and directors of the best theater and concert venues.

Despite the fact that the concert itself did not take place due to reasons beyond the control of the organizers, the Prize remained true to its principles – the laureates received the awards personally.

Presentation of the BraVo Award

Elena Sever handed over the treble clef to the winner in the category “The best classical performer of the partner country. Republic of Belarus” by Marte Danusevich.

“Dear Marta, we were looking forward to your arrival in Moscow to personally present the statuette of the BraVo Prize. The expert community of Belarus was unanimous in their decision to nominate you as the best opera singer in the country. Your victory at the BraVo Awards this year was covered by leading media outlets. Certainly, this award is well-deserved. We congratulate you on your victory, we wish you success on your creative path and conquer new heights, ” said Elena Sever, handing over the award to Marta Danusevich.

In its turn, Marta Danusevich thanked the organizers of the BraVo International Music Award for the high honor of becoming a laureate:

“In my life, the BraVo Award plays a big role, I performed at the very first ceremony, met leading musicians, actors, conductors from all over the world. And I want to wish the New Talent Discovery Award.”

The BraVo competition evaluates the popularity and public outcry of musical performances by media mentions, circulation of discs and broadcasts, the number of views on video hosting sites, the number of tickets sold for performances and concerts, and other numerical indicators. The Organizing Committee of the Prize will soon announce the details of the upcoming event, scheduled for April 2023.

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