Myslivcov brought out a birkin. Where did she get the luxury pension too? Answer vs surprise

Sexy Dominika Myslivcov she arrived at the Broadway Theater in good time, but it was not only her ample bust that attracted attention, but also the purse she was clutching in her hand. it was a legendary bag from the Hermès brand, which has been in demand for over two years. Jene wasn’t the one she was bragging about on Instagram.

The one you were for was blue and this one was orange. How is it possible that a girl from social media has accessories that wear the richest celebrities in the world?

This is my first Birkin. I’ve worn an orange Birkin all my life. It was a struggle, I thought I couldn’t find it, but I couldn’t find this one in the store, but the dog of the woman who sold it, Dominika argued, saying that it was a bit cheaper.

Such a handbag costs from two hundred thousand to half a million crowns, depending on the type. Quite often, women borrow this tank as an investment, which they can then sell to their husbands years later.

Influencer Dominika Myslivcov was drinking with an expensive handbag.

I waited for the second one for about a year and a half. I went to the store, I specified several colors, and I hoped that the orange one would come. She found her way to me in the end by herself, and I waited for the blue one for the year and a half when he sent me an e-mail to pick up the purse from him. Jet is still at home and I haven’t unpacked it, the influencer laughed.

She didn’t expect how late one purse was. People started to go where they got their pension for such an expensive thing.

Super luxurious taka is at home.

I made a big splash, I never thought it would be like that. I had no idea that these people would go and such. And where did I get it? I work, I take my time, I don’t come from thin air, and who knows, I’m for you, she closed her mouth, they couldn’t tell how it was possible to own a legendary tank.

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