Muslim is impossible to forget: a report from the anniversary evening in memory of Magomayev

The concert hall Crocus City Hall, which is named after Muslim Magomayev, hosted an evening dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the great artist.

The anniversary concert was hosted by Tatyana Vedeneeva and Vladimir Berezin. In the foyer of the Crocus City Hall, the audience could see the personal belongings of the legendary singer, an exhibition of paintings painted by Magomayev, photographs from the family archive, concert tailcoats and numerous prizes collected around the world over the decades of his musical career.

The widow of Muslim Magomayev, Tamara Sinyavskaya, admitted that she experiences every composition that sounds from the stage in her soul. Even with journalists, it was not easy for her to communicate.

Vladimir Vinokur, photo by Leonid Alekseev

Vladimir Vinokur remembered how Muslim Magomayev saved him from an earthquake. Vinokur woke up in a hotel room when his bed “moved off” to the window. At that moment, Muslim Magomayev called him and said that he needed to move to the bathroom – there are concrete floors and the safest place to wait out the earthquake. And then he called and said: “It’s all over, you can go out.”

See our special photo report about the artists who performed at the evening in memory of Muslim Magomayev:

Reporting: Leonid Alekseev

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