Moved by Sara Sandeva: The whole family will be sawing at Christmas, we will all be together, including Jakub

Actress Sara Sandeva (25) from tstm. Not only is the relationship with Jakub Prachae (39) blooming, but his family from Macedonia is also drinking. Konen the actor also knows grandma and grandpa, they are very bad. What will their world look like?

An actress Sae Sandev is conducted not only in the field of work, but especially in the love life. Her relationship with Jakub Prachae flourishes, and the grandmother and grandfather from Macedonia are attracted to him.

Years later, they travel to Prague to celebrate the New Year with their family, and Cuba cannot be missing from their festive table. Even when the Balkans have a hard day at other times.

We mme Macedonian Christmas 6 and 7 January. And this year it will be special, because my aunt’s chickens are born, as well as my grandmother and grandfather, and maybe my mother’s mother. I’ll take care of you, because everyone will be here and grandma and grandpa haven’t flown anywhere for a long time. So we’ll always be together and that’s the most important thing Sara revealed to Expresa at the costume rehearsal for “Occupation” at the Theater without Bras.

Actress Sara Sandeva at a costume rehearsal for The Occupation

What would you like to get under the tree? According to her answer, it looks like Jakub won’t have much work to do.

She really doesn’t like to meet people. I would like such a climate, especially health, love, peace and well-being. But it really is. I don’t like unwrapping things she added with a laugh.

Jakub Pracha took his wife Sara and daughter Mia to Slavia. She was twitching.

What did Sara buy her partner? Find out in our video interview.

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