Morozko, Emelya, Baba Yaga: not all stars liked the heroes of Russian fairy tales

On the eve of All Saints’ Day – the mystical Halloween holiday, which is widely celebrated in Europe and America, and more recently in Russia, we decided to play an interactive game with the stars: remember our Russian fairy-tale characters and try on their roles.

It is believed that Halloween was transformed from the holiday of the ancient Celts. Pagan rituals, superstitions, folk beliefs are mixed in its frightening traditions. It is celebrated on October 31, but in European houses a couple of weeks before this date everything is already decorated with frightening decorations, pumpkin-lanterns, which are called Jack-o’-lanterns, and in city parks you can easily sit down on a bench with some Mr. Skeleton or a cute witch with a blue nose. We also have costumed club parties on the last weekend of October, and children play the game of “trick or treat” by coming for candy.

We decided that the time has come for Russian super heroes and prepared a game for our stars – which fairy-tale character are you. Much to my surprise, not everyone was ready to try on Russian fairy-tale characters. Some people were very offended by Babu Yaga, but humor still won. So, Olya Buzova admitted that she would not mind playing a villain in a movie, and Khabib and Zvonky would not refuse the role of the Gray Wolf. Lucy Chebotina got Babaika. The singer admitted that in childhood she was not frightened by any “babayka”, and in general she does not feel sympathy for such characters. And Olga Seryabkina, on the contrary, laughed when she pulled Emelya out of our box. Still, our characters are prettier than monsters, although not all the stars liked them.

Photo: Leonid Alekseev

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