More goods were allowed to be imported under parallel imports. “Paper”

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has expanded the list of goods that can be imported into Russia under the parallel import scheme. Corresponding order published on the portal of legal information. The list includes a large number of alcoholic beverage brands and merchandise from Marvel, Disney Pixar and DC Comics.

What kind of alcohol was allowed to be imported into Russia. As a parallel import, I will import drinks that are not produced in Russia. The list includes Jagermeister, Jameson, Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker, Aberfeldy, Aberlour, Aerstone, Auchentoshan, Aultmore, Bell’s, Black & White, Bowmore and others. A complete list can be found in order Ministry of Industry and Trade.

What other goods will be imported. Also, the list was supplemented with products from Marvel, Disney Pixar and DC Comics. However, not films, but toys and other goods. In addition, the list includes new brands of automotive parts and chemical industry products.

What else to read:

  • Co-owner of the St. Petersburg “Gallery” – the Arab fund Mubadala Investment Company – suspend investments in Russia because of the situation in Ukraine.
  • The authorities have prepared list goods for import into Russia without the consent of the right holders.

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