Monika Babišová showed off a photo of her eighteen-year-old son Frederik, who successfully graduated

Monika Babišová (48) cannot boast about her son Frederik (18) on her social networks. Despite his young age, the 18-year-old is extremely goal-oriented, he graduated from the British school as the best student of the year for business, his mother has now posted more photos from the graduation on Instagram, in which he poses alongside his sister Vivien (22). She is also a diligent student, her parents should be proud of her.

Monika Babišová posted photos of her son Frederik on her social networks, who graduated with flying colors from a prestigious British school in the summer. Eighteen-year-old Frederik is even proud of the title of the best student of his year in the field of business. The proud mother and wife of ex-prime minister Andrej Babiš is not sharing photos for the first time, she has already exhibited pictures with her son that she is proud of.

“I’m proud of you love” she wrote under them. Frederik, who has just come of age, poses in the latest pictures with his sister Vivien, who dressed up in an evening dress for the big show. Vivien belonged to her mother’s Instagram at the end of the summer, when the blonde celebrated her twenty-second birthday.

The family threw her a pink party to mark the occasion. She is also an excellent student, she especially liked French. Monika Babišová is a supporter of consistent education. Frederik is said to have limited many of his activities in the past due to his studies, he used to play football and tennis for example.

However, like her sister, she doesn’t show herself much in public. He decorates here and there on his mother’s Instagram. Even though the mother is more strict, Andrej Babiš, on the other hand, revealed in an interview with CNN Prima NEWS that he was more demanding of his first two children than of Frederik and Vivien.

Frederik Babiš graduated.

“Spartan education sucks, I’m quite sorry. Now I have two children with Monika. Here I’m the good quasi-grandfather and she’s tougher, so I parent differently.” said the leader of the ANO movement in an interview.

Both children do not deny the similarity with their father. Frederik is 195 centimeters tall and is said to hide a rather athletic figure under his jacket, so he might even turn out to be a girl’s heartbreaker.

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