Moderator Martina Gavriely about a luxury apartment in Dubai: Do not forget how much I will spend per night

Moderator Martina Gavriely (43) thought about the rear wheels and invested in real estate by the sea. But she doesn’t just want to go there with her family as a cottage, but in their absence, the council would rent the apartment. How much would such a stay at bval playmate cost you?

Moderator Martin Gavriela she could not miss the premiere of the musical Okno m lsky, because the musical composition was composed by her partner Marcus Tran (37). And especially so that he and his son Lee could see him on horseback.

He worked on it for half a year, so he wasn’t home at all. For us, this premiere is a celebration in itself, that from tomorrow we will have our father at home again, the sexy blonde told Expres.

However, she was definitely not bored during the show. In addition to taking care of the little boy, she was also in Dubai with him, where the two men were renovating their dream apartment.

we actually went to the construction site. It was very exhausting, but I think it was put in and out in time, added Martina, saying that the biggest problem was with the local women, who have a different mentality and a different approach to work.

Martina drank to support her partner Marcus Tran at the premiere of the musical Okno m lsky.

View from the suite

But this is a perfect place to go with the family. And not only that, when they are not there, they will receive a pension from the property, because they want to rent it out. How many nights did he stay in their apartment?

I have it for two and a half print per night for two and six people, which I think is good. J wanted it to be available for people and they didn’t have to pay for each special. But I don’t want to dwell on it she concluded.

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