Moderator estmr Strakat brought a model to the premiere. The sexy photographer showed a perfect figure

Modertor estmr Strakat knew how to choose. He married the beautiful Hana, whom he was proud of. The same as at the Hranice lsky premiere, which he moderated. The curly hair saw Manela supporting them and they didn’t move a step from each other.

Moderator and newspaper estmr Magpie in his work in Reflex and on Frequency 1, I can impress someone as a reward, because he tries not to show his emotions, and this is also why his interviews are so quiet, because he does not suggest to the viewer what to think, how to put it newspaper, but as soon as he is off the microphone and there is a beautiful model next to him, he looks up and smiles in all directions.

Similarly, he was satisfied at the premiere of a film about boundaries in relationships and sexuality. He was proudly rubbing Manelka’s waist and arm so that it was clear who to fall to. Both are young, sleepy, handsome, enjoy life. often travel whenever they can, fly to my place to stay with just the two of us. Since Estmeur is quite busy due to work, they spend every moment together.

He didn’t see Han behind me either. As a photographer who specializes in portraits, I have one brush after another, and judging by the pictures she posts on Instagram, she eats and sleeps.

estmr Strakat took the model to the premiere of Hranice lsky, which he moderated.

estmr Strakat knew how to choose.

In Lucerne, both washed up nicely and could not fault their outfit. They matched perfectly and Hanka looked absolutely magical in the miniatures.

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