Model Ta Kuchaov proudly announces to the world: I’m not alone!

Seven months after her divorce from Ondej Gregor Brzobohat (39), Ta Kuchaov (34) is alone. I am proud to announce to the world that the horse has found love and I don’t have to be sad about the fact that the man ran away to the presenter Daniela Psaovicová (43). would the right one be done?

It was not long before the model died That Kuchaov, for now, look for love and don’t fight in a relationship. eu is after divorce with Ondej Gregor Brzobohat ready for love, but for now just a date.

And it turns out that those meetings bore fruit. Bval miss World toti knew, he is not alone and he is in love.

I’m not alone, but I don’t want to talk about it cried Ta Blesku.

She’s on a trip to Asia with her girlfriends, but she’s busy and struggling so that she can work on her relationship.

If it’s the right one, I’ll tell you, but according to the photos every two on Instagram, it looks like he’s really happy again with a zest for life.

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