Mobilization in St. Petersburg is proceeding with violations, Beglov admitted. “Paper”

AT TV channel “78” Alexander Beglov was asked about the problems with the “partial mobilization” in St. Petersburg. The governor acknowledged that the mobilization was “carried out with shortcomings”, but “noted” that the townspeople had to come to the military enlistment office all these years and report on all important changes.

Alexander Beglov acknowledged that in St. Petersburg there are cases when military registration and enlistment offices call on people with a delay. “But I would like to turn [внимание] residents, that according to the law on military duty, citizens who are registered with the military are obliged to report to the military registration and enlistment office about all important changes that have occurred in their lives within two weeks.

The governor added that a similar situation has developed with enterprises in the city. Businesses must update the lists of employees once a year so that the military registration and enlistment offices can check and update the data, but this work was “poorly done,” Beglov added.

General picture. “Partial mobilization” in St. Petersburg is accompanied by many problems. For example, residents have repeatedly complained about illegal call, about the same reported and government officials.

“Paper” also toldthat not all mobilized families received the promised payments: dozens of wives and children are left without money. Nobody can solve this problem.

In addition, representatives of the military commissariats urged to the service of a man with severe kidney disease. Also agendas wrote out on dead people womenwho do not live in Russia, large families fathers and others. In addition, the police guard Russians in the front doors, at the elevators and at the exit from the house.

“Partial mobilization” lasts a little over a month, but the first deaths are already known. To Andrey Nikiforov, lawyer of the Neva Collegium of Advocates of St. Petersburg came agenda for the second day of “partial mobilization”. In three days he was “trained”, then sent to Belgorod, where he himself bought uniforms, and soon to the occupied territories, where he died.

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