Mirjam Landa set out on a journey: Without Dan, but with his good dog

Don’t pay much for the kings, but the Manel Landos are one of the most stable in Czech show business. Theirs is a respectable twenty years. Mirjam surprised you by believing in the upcoming new Internet television Vox TV, she left her husband at home.

Instead of the iconic singer Daniel Landa, he was accompanied by one of the best Czech martial arts trainers, the founder of the Prague gym Hanuman Petr Khru Machek.

The couple spent some time having fun over the glass, Mirjam, in her forties, seemed energetic and relaxed.

Galaveer Vox TV

Not that there should be anything more than camaraderie behind their presence. Machek is the family dog ​​of the Land family, he has known the dog for thousands of years, Daniel Landa visits him regularly.

she will have her own program on Vox TV, which is run by Petr Kubelk, the founder of the YouTube channel of the same name. Whether the Landos will be somehow connected with the project is a question.

Daniel Landa performed at Kubelka’s in the past with actor David Matsek, and there they talked about, among other things, the band Orlk, which they founded together (link HERE).

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