Mikhail Turetsky shared his impressions of Colombia

The artist returned from a trip abroad, in Colombia, the “Turetsky Choir” was on tour.

Mikhail Turetsky visited Colombia with his musical group and shared his impressions of the trip with his Telegram subscribers. According to the artist, time was running out, but the musicians managed to see an incredible panoramic view of Bogotá. It opens from the Cerro de Montserrat mountain, its height is more than 3000 meters above sea level.

Mikhail Turetsky, photo from the social network

“Of course, there is a pressure drop and a lack of oxygen, but I couldn’t come here and not see one of the main attractions of the city. Amazing beauty – the whole city at a glance, breathtaking. By the way, according to the weather – now it’s +18 here, it’s humid, it’s such a “winter”.
In general, I am impressed, ”the artist wrote.

Mikhail Turetsky, photo from the social network

And then there was a concert. And the musicians were once again convinced how universal the language of music is.

“Both compatriots and local residents entrusted us with their evening. And literally after a couple of songs with us, the whole audience simply sang in unison. Applauded, admired. Their eyes burned, they were all so into music. This once again confirms that music unites. Borders don’t exist. The main thing is to find the right keys to hearts, ” Mikhail Turetsky shared in his microblog.

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